Who is Guncast

Design by Guncast and Guncast Swimming Pool's History

Guncast Swimming Pools was founded by Bruce Harding, in the 1970’s offering both design and construction services across the UK and Europe for the highest quality luxury swimming pools and spa pools. Over the last decade, Guncast, now led by Jack Harding, Bruce’s son, has expanded to offer Guncast’s design and construction services globally.

The US counterpart Design by Guncast was established to provide an exceptional-quality swimming pools within the USA for sensational and opulent additions to any home.

Our menu of services can be provided as individual or packaged for one source responsibility. They include pool and amenity design, moving floor design and installation, and pool construction services.

Design by Guncast

About Guncast Swimming PoolsThe Design by Guncast team, based in the New Jersey head office, leads the client and/or architect through a dedicated and personalized design consultation process, drawing on the latest innovations in swimming pool design features. and accommodating the clients specifications and site requirements. The result is a full design for a bespoke swimming pool scheme perfectly suited to the property, whether that be within a basement, garden, new build, outbuilding or existing room.

Design by Guncast’s construction team then deliver the project on-site, alongside the architect and/or developer, through to completion & client handover, with an emphasis on working to an exceptionally high standard, on-schedule, efficiently, within budget and exceeding all expectations.

Alternatively if just a “design & consultancy” service is required, our experienced team will assist with the selection, verification and appointment of a local pool contractor to carry out the pool works. We will then remain involved in a project management or consultancy capacity, overseeing the construction and implementation of the design, to ensure that the scheme is built as designed, and to the high standards synonymous with a Guncast project.

Design by Guncast also offers a servicing & maintenance package to ensure on-going client satisfaction and enjoyment of their Guncast pool.

A ‘Guncast’ Pool

A ‘Guncast’ swimming pool is distinctively recognizable from the unique features and lighting effects used as well as the attention to detail and the highest quality materials. Guncast has a vast amount of experience with tailor-made swimming pools to suit every environment, including moving floors and walls.