Best Luxury Outdoor Swimming Pool Designs For Summer

By Jack Harding on Monday 29th of June 2015

Summer is here and Design by Guncast has got the perfect luxury outdoor swimming pool designs to get you through the hot days in serious style.


Moving Floor Swimming Pool

If you're thinking of building an outdoor swimming pool but don't want to lose a large portion of your yard or patio, the moving floor swimming pool might be for you.
The patented Spiralift technology lifts a false floor platform from inside the pool, meaning at just the touch of a button you can cover your swimming pool and no one will even know that it's there – giving you plenty of space for those all-important summer barbeques, with the option to switch into pool party mode later!

Special Spa Features

What could be more luxurious than some extraordinary spa features to get you through the hot summer days? If the winter months and chilly spring left you feeling frazzled, perhaps it's time to splurge on a spa.
From outdoor saunas and steam rooms to Jacuzzis, and even high-tech hydrotherapy systems, Design by Guncast's range of superior luxury spa features will soothe those tired muscles and get you in the summer spirit – and they have the added bonus of improving your circulation - giving you a flawless complexion to flaunt on that deck chair.

Moving Wall Swimming Pool

If you live in a less than sunny part of the states, you'll be lucky to see a few weeks' worth of sizzling sunshine. It may seem pointless to have an outdoor pool built, knowing that it will only be used for a few days a year, but Design by Guncast has the ideal solution – the moving wall swimming pool.
This swimming pool has a moving wall component which splits the pool between an inside and an outside portion, so you can choose if you want to swim in the summer sunshine, or indoors on those slightly greyer days.

Natural Luxury Finishes

It's all about sleek, natural finishes this year, with top-of-the-range materials like fine natural stone, marble, limestone, sandstone and slate giving swimming pools an elegant and expensive look, while still being strong, durable and 100% natural.
Don't forget to include some stunning light fittings in your swimming pool design as well– small white spotlights submerged in the top third portion of your pool will look oh so luxurious and will enable you to take a dip on hot, balmy evenings – you won't even need a vacation this year with a stylish luxury swimming pool or spa from Design by Guncast!