Swimming Pool Lighting

Home swimming pool lighting to dazzle

Swimming pool lighting from Guncast can transform the ambiance of your pool to enhance the aesthetics, whilst offering an element of safety for the evenings.


Lighting for swimming pools can come in the form of the more traditional flood lighting or the more modern and stylish option of fibre optic lighting and LED lighting, which allow various light settings and options, including wide or pencil beam lighting under the water, discreet lighting in the pool walls, lit racing lanes on the pool floor and lighting under the steps.

Fibre optic lighting for swimming pools and underwater pool lighting have become more than functional additions and can be exquisite features that will complement the pool and the surroundings to create the desired luxurious pool atmosphere.


Home swimming pool lighting can really help to set the tone, using fibre optic lights to create mood settings that can be connected to your house management system, enabling you to select the lighting to suit your mood, or even to set the mood using particular lighting.

Swimming pool lights can incorporate different colours to create different atmospheres. A sense of relaxation and calm can be created using purple or light green pool lighting to create a relaxing spa atmosphere at home. For children's pool parties, brighter white light setting might be more appropriate. With so many options, Guncast listen to client's needs and ensure their requirements are utilised in the design.